Advanced Options

The Advanced Options of the menu along the left side of Admin dashboard contains advanced tools and options to further customize your Enterprise and user experience.

    • Push Sites to Users – This tool allows you to push sites or URLs into the LastPass accounts of one or more users within your company.
    • Provisioning API – allows you to create new users, delete/disable existing users, manage user groups, push sites to users, pull reporting data, and view license utilization, via a simple REST web service interface.
    • Enterprise Options – enable and manage options such as Equivalent Domains, Never URLs, and Only URL Rules for the Enterprise, as well as Splunk Integration, Enabling Multifactor Options, etc.
    • User Roles – customize admin roles.
    • Trusted Mobile Devices – allows Admins to enable/disable users’ mobile devices; allowing/preventing those devices to/from logging into the users’ Enterprise accounts.
    • URL Rules – where Admins can add URL rules for the Enterprise.