LastPass Enterprise Admins have the option to directly place a site in a user’s vault through our Push Sites to User feature.  This feature is helpful when you would like to pre-populate a site in a user’s vault so the user will have this site automatically added to his or her Vault during their first login to LastPass.  Push Sites to Users is also helpful when used to push SAML specific URLs to services you have linked to your Enterprise to using LastPass SAML.

Admins should note that Push Sites to Users is a much different feature than Shared Folders.  Push Sites to users places the site entry directly into a user’s vault, rather than in a central folder accessible to all, as with Shared Folders.  Once pushed, a site cannot be removed from a user’s vault by the Admin, as it is in the individual’s vault like any other site entry the user may have saved.  When considering which sites to push to users, please remember that you cannot remove this site at a later time.

Another unique aspect of Pushed Sites is that due to how the technology behind pushing sites works, any data you elect to push to your users is accessible on LastPass servers in unencrypted form until the data is pushed to a user.  Once pushed to a user, the data will leave the LastPass server and be encrypted in the user’s individual vault.  This is NOT the case with Persistent Pushes, which will stay on the LastPass server until deactivated or deleted.  For more information on Persistent Pushes please see below.

Please note that the user that is receiving the Pushed Site must log in using a browser extension at least once, to receive the Site. If the user logs into the Web Vault, the Site will not be pushed.