LastPass Enterprise Manual An easy to understand guide on how to use LastPass Enterprise.

Enterprise Employee Welcome Emails

When using the Batch Provisioning option, LastPass will look-up the email to determine if the username is new or existing. Based on this looking, either of the two emails below will be sent by LastPass automatically to the end user:

New User (no existing account under that username):

Hi, your employer has created a LastPass Enterprise account for you. LastPass is a password management tool that allows you to safely store your everyday passwords behind a single Master Password. LastPass will then automatically log you in to your sites and applications, keeping your data secure while helping you be more productive.

Your username is ___________
Your temporary password is ____________

To get started, click here to reset your password.

Click here for a 5-minute introductory tutorial. Other helpful screencasts can be found at:

The LastPass Team


Existing User:


You have been invited to join your company's LastPass corporate account. As an existing LastPass user, you have two options:

1) Use your existing LastPass account thereby tying your current account into your company's corporate account. Depending on your company's policies, this could eventually lead to the deletion of your account by your company's admin. To use your existing LastPass account, log into your LastPass account and click on the following link to activate your account.
Activate Your LastPass Account

2) Create a new account strictly for professional purposes. After creating this account, you have the option to link your personal account to it should you so choose (click here to learn more). Click here to create a new account: Create a new Account and then follow step 1 to associate this new account with the corporate account.

The LastPass Team