The Settings area of the Admin dashboard contains many of the tools that you will need to implement LastPass and control your user’s actions.

  • Company Profile – This area allows Admins to update information on your Enterprise such as Company name, billing address, primary business contact, etc.
  • Policies – Dozens of configurable security policies including: user access rights, password strength criteria, and multifactor authentication. You can create any kind of security environment with the combination of these policies. It is very important that they be considered carefully.
  • Directory Integrations – This area presents Admins with the option to download the Active Directory Connector.
  • Install Software – This area offers all of the tools that you may need to install the LastPass software for your users. It is always best if you can remove the burden from them – and avoid download restrictions – by doing the installation for them.
  • Email Notification– a customizable area that allows Admins to add various critical user statuses around which additional education or training may be warranted.