LastPass Enterprise Manual An easy to understand guide on how to use LastPass Enterprise.

Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide

Every implementation of LastPass is different based on your unique environment and program goals. The following is meant to serve as a high level guide with just some of the features and options you might consider when implementing LastPass Enterprise. 

Phase I: Proof of Concept 

  1. Follow the prompts and submit LastPass Trial Request Form to initiate a free, 14-day trial including up to 10 staff members.
  2. Weigh provisioning options and software installation options, and determine best path for your enterprise.
  3. Review the policy options and determine relevance for your enterprise.
  4. Create at least 5 beta test accounts from the 'create new users' tab of the Admin Console.
  5. Populate the beta accounts with top sites and applications utilized by your employees. Test all logins to make sure that they are functioning seamlessly.
  6. Determine who will need Admin rights within your enterprise and assign them from the Users tab of the Admin Console. Conduct Admin training as necessary.
  7. Determine if cloud-based Single Sign-on (using SAML) is needed/wanted. Advise your LastPass representative if support is needed for any new applications not already available. Integrate and test the desired applications.
  8. For larger implementations, consider training one or more internal helpdesk contact(s) for end user support.
  9. For larger implementations, determine how much education/tutorials you intend to push out to your staff. Most enterprises send only the welcome email.
  10. For larger implementations, consider customizing the welcome email to include internal helpdesk contact.
  11. Review the automated user notification options found here. These notifications are very important for driving adoption and for optimizing employee use of the service to improve the safety or your corporate data.

Phase II: Enterprise-wide Roll Out 

  1. For larger implementations, download the software to all work stations.
  2. Purchase your LastPass licenses.
  3. Provision all users, or provision in batches, per your preference.  If using the Sync Client with ‘pending users’ configuration, then go to the ‘pending users’ page to ‘accept’ all users for whom you would like accounts to be provisioned.
  4. Determine if any new users should be granted LastPass Admin rights. If so, assign them from the Users tab of the Admin Console. Conduct Admin training as necessary.
  5. Create User Groups to help facilitate the assignment of policies and/or Shared Folders.
  6. If using cloud-based Single Sign-on (using SAML), activate the desired groups/apps.
  7. If sharing credentials is desired then have each divisional manager consider their shared folder structure – (1) one universal folder or multiple, (2) who will have admin versus standard access and hidden/visible, (3) what sites/secure notes will be shared. Create shared folders and populate with desired sites. (Folders can be created at any point in time).
  8. Owners assign Shared Folders to the appropriate users/groups.
  9. Report any bugs or enhancement requests to LastPass using the ticket system.
  10. See the LastPass Training Kit for End Users for suggested training program and resources.