Toopher Authentication


LastPass supports multifactor authentication with Toopher. It is a secure, two-factor authentication application offered for all leading smartphone platforms, including Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. You can get Toopher here:



Setting Up LastPass with Toopher


To install Toopher with LastPass please do the following:

  1. Download the Toopher App to your smartphone ( iOS – Apple App Store or for Android from the Google Play Store).
  2. Login to your LastPass Vault.
  3. Select  “Settings” (left sidebar).
  4. Then select “Multifactor Options” (fourth tab from the left on top).
  5. Here is where you will be able to switch over to Toopher by selecting the “Toopher” radio button at the top of the page.
  6. Once you have selected Toopher, you will be taken to a different screen. On the new screen you will switch “Toopher Authentication” from “Disabled” to “Enabled”, at this time you will be prompted to enter a  2-word “pairing phrase”.  This paring phrase will be generated by the Toopher app on your mobile device (see next step).
  7. Open the Toopher App on your mobile device and select the “+” button in the top-right of the app screen. This will generate a 2-word pairing phrase.  Back on the computer browser; Enter this 2 word pairing phrase into the browser field and then select enter.

You will receive a push notification on your phone that will prompt you to select allow or deny.  Select allow, pairing is complete and you have now enabled Toopher with Last Pass.

Now if you choose, the Toopher – LastPass, two factor authentication can be automated. That is if you are on the same computer, in the same location logging into LastPass (the same site) you can tell your mobile device to automatically log you in next time.  Simply slide  the “automate when near here” slider to the right. Now Toopher will automatically enable two factor authentication for you. This feature can be turned on or off when ever you wish.



Administrating Toopher in Enterprise


You can require access to Toopher for your users via the “Require use of Toopher” policy. This policy can be enabled for your Enterprise account by accessing your Enterprise console and clicking the ‘Setup’ tab > ‘Add Policy’ button > Select ‘Require use of Toopher’ from the dropdown menu: