LastPass Enterprise Manual An easy to understand guide on how to use LastPass Enterprise.

Why Use LastPass Enterprise?

Designed and built from the ground up by an experienced team of highly-talented developers, LastPass Enterprise finally delivers on the long-desired -- but rarely delivered -- promise of Enterprise SSO. LastPass Enterprise brings a new technical approach to Single Sign-On, designed and delivered the way YOU have always envisioned it.


For End Users

  • Dramatically improves end user experience and daily work-flow: they'll love using it
  • Avoids need and frustration of having to contact help desk for password and access problems
  • Eliminates negative fallout of 'password fatigue'
  • Allows access from all the computers and devices they use: Windows, Mac, Linux. Every smart phone is supported too

For Help desk

  • Saves wasted time and money by not having to focus on costly repetitive resets
  • Allows staff to focus on higher-level, more intricate IT support needs

For System Administrators

  • Quick and easy setup, deployment, and ongoing management
  • Management console for both enterprise password management and reporting
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Host-proof hosted implementation provides great security without the inconvenience of another system to maintain.

For CISO, CIO, CTO, and IT Managers

  • No time-consuming and costly consulting expenses just to set up, configure, and deploy
  • Avoids the hidden costs of a delay in solving 'password fatigue'
  • Strong, more secure password policies can now be easily enforced without the unintended consequences of 'password fatigue'
  • Overall enterprise security improved
  • Allows the greater security of multi-factor authentication while improving productivity

For SVP Sales and SVP Operations

  • Many knowledge workers have between 20-100 passwords they use every day: now these high-value, power users can be that much more productive and happy
  • A much more productive division
  • Your sales force works on the run, make it easier for them to be more productive on the device they use most: their mobile phone.


  • Reduces the worry, probability, and costly public fallout of a major security breach
  • Actually delivers on the usually-elusive promise of E-SSO
  • Improves the Bottom Line