The LastPass Enterprise Admin Manual is a comprehensive guide to testing, deploying, and administering LastPass Enterprise.

For businesses of all sizes, LastPass provides secure password storage and centralized admin oversight to reduce the risk of data breaches while removing employee password obstacles. With customizable policies, secure password sharing, and comprehensive user management, LastPass offers the control IT needs and the convenience users expect.

When 81% of data breaches are caused by poor credential management, addressing password security in your organization needs to be a top priority. From the CEO to your summer intern, every employee’s passwords are a low-barrier, high-value target for attackers looking to find the easiest way in. With direct visibility into password strength for all employees, LastPass Enterprise gives businesses the control they need to change behavior across the business, with convenient automation for IT teams and an experience employees will love.

Recommended by industry experts and tech enthusiasts for its security model, LastPass is used and trusted by over 33,000 businesses around the world.

LastPass Enterprise kan in een paar dagen worden geïnstalleerd. It automatically ‘learns’ and ‘remembers’ usernames and passwords for virtually all online websites, cloud apps, and even Windows applications. LastPass provides universal access to resources, door het naadloos synchroniseren van wachtwoorden tussen alle besturingssystemen en browsers. Indien geïnstalleerd op zowel computer als cloud, zullen je medewerkers helemaal weg zijn van deze krachtige, intuitive features and readily adopt LastPass for its productivity benefits. Je medewerkers kunnen zich met LastPass’ -toepassingen bekend maken door gebruik van onze LastPass Gebruikershandleiding.

LastPass ondersteunt installatie en updates via een command-line. Voor de geautomatiseerde toevoeging en beëindiging van LastPass-gebruikersaccounts, kunnen klanten kiezen uit: Active Directory Synchronisatie, Integratie met een Windows-Account, of een open API. Clients looking for less automation can simply add users manually in the Admin Dashboard and LastPass will take it from there with our automated welcome emails. Als je iets op maat nodig hebt om installatie makkelijker te maken, kan jehet ons graag laten weten, we zijn er om je te helpen.

The LastPass admin dashboard allows your Systems Administrators to install and upgrade your LastPass installation, te ugraden en om modi, gebruikersinstellingen, toepassingen, verificatiemethodes en gebruikersgroepen te beheren. It provides centralized reporting for auditing and compliance, plus automated user alerts for optimizing use of the tool. The admin dashboard is your “command central” for putting your password security plan into action.