LastPass supports sharing Shared Folders with users outside of your Enterprise system.  You can share any Shared Folder with up to five users that are not in your Enterprise.  These users can be free, premium, or in another Enterprise.  The only limit is that the maximum of outside users that can be added per folder is five.

To add an outside user to a Shared Folder, do the following:

  1. Go to your Manage Shared Folders link in your Vault as you normally would.
  2. Type in the email address of the user you would like to add and click ‘Share.’
  3. The outside user will appear in your list of users and the user will receive an email invitation to accept the shared folder.
  4. Once accepted, the user will be added to the Shared Folder.
  5. Restrict what sites they see and change permissions as appropriate.

If you run into the error:  “An Error occurred – Cannot retrieve any public keys. The user may need a sharing key to be created.” This means that the user you are trying to share with does not have a sharing key. To obtain the sharing key, the user must log into the LastPass Extension at least once.