LastPass Enterprise Manual An easy to understand guide on how to use LastPass Enterprise.

Training Kit for End Users

Getting the Most Out of Your LastPass Implementation

Implementing LastPass in your organization will be an exciting development for administrators and employees alike. While the driver behind a LastPass Enterprise purchase is often improved security, LastPass also brings huge convenience to end users. When properly implemented, LastPass will help alleviate administrative tasks for IT and Operations, and will help save considerable time and frustration for end users. However, like all new things, there can be a learning curve. The following recommendations are intended to help create comfort among your staff as well as drive down this learning curve. We hope that you will take full advantage of these materials and advice, and contact our staff if there is anything more that you feel would help.

End User Survey (1 week prior to roll out): Prior to implementing LastPass, we recommend that you survey your employees to establish a baseline around current password practices. This will help you to better steer your educational efforts, and will provide you a quantifiable proof point against which you can measure the impact of the program. Click here for a sample survey.

Warm 'em up (2 days prior to roll out): It is a good idea to send a 'heads up' email  2 days in advance of your implementation to put context around the goals of the LastPass program and to prepare your staff for what to expect. This email is also intended to let them know that LastPass is a corporate-sponsored program so that when they receive the welcome email they are less likely to see it as a potential phishing scam.  See suggested copy for the 'heads up' email here.

The Welcome Email: With most provisioning options, your end users will receive an automated welcome email from LastPass. This email can be customized to bring your own culture and message to your staff. See the boilerplate emails here.

LastPass Experts: We suggest you train a select group of employees to serve as "LastPass Experts". On the day of your launch, have your Experts wander the floor offering assistance and advice on how to use and optimize LastPass. For larger deployments, feel free to contact your sales representative for LastPass t-shirts for your experts.

Add LastPass screencasts to your Training Modules: Mandatory training is always best. Help your employees make the most of LastPass with a brief mandatory training. They can simply watch the screencast and then take a brief quiz to demonstrate completion.

Review your progress: At any point after the automated Welcome email is sent, you can check the progress of your users by visiting the Notifications Tab.  We suggest direct outreach to staff members that have not yet enabled their account. You can program these emails to be sent automatically on a regular basis until the user has taken action.

Training Email and Self-help Tool (48 hours after invite): It is best to offer your staff some form of training whether it is direct 'desk by desk' training, small group training, or a larger Webinar. We suggest that these invitations be sent out to end users approximately 2 days after the initial invite. See suggested copy here. For larger implementations, LastPass is happy to provide training for your trainers. Please contact your rep to schedule your training session at least 5 days prior to the target roll out.

Review your progress (1 month after invite): One month after the initiation of your LastPass program, we suggest that you visit the Notifications Page. Look for what you consider to be critical areas for outreach. Using the email templates, draft targeted messages to your end users that will be sent automatically based on the time frames that you designate.

Training Tools: We encourage you to distribute these tools to your End Users to help get them up to speed and to expose them to some of the broader benefits of LastPass.

LastPass End User Training Deck

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