Sample Survey


When surveying your employees, we suggest that the survey be offered anonymously to promote honest answers.

Password Questionnaire


1. What system are you using to keep track of your passwords?

  • Spreadsheet or other written medium (contacts, sticky notes, Word doc)
  • Same or similar password everywhere
  • Rotate between 3 (or so) passwords
  • The password manager in my browser
  • 3rd party password manager

2. How many work-related passwords do you use on a weekly basis?

  • 0 – 10
  • 11 – 15
  • 15 – 20
  • More than 20

3. Do you frequently re-set passwords because you have forgotten them?

  • Yes, weekly
  • Yes, monthly
  • No

4. Do you check the ‘Remember Me’ button on login screens?

  • Yes, always
  • Yes, occasionally
  • No

5. Do you share passwords with colleagues such as group logins to virtual meeting software, social media sites, servers, etc.?

  • Yes
  • No

6. Have you ever contacted the helpdesk at work regarding a password-related issue?

  • Yes
  • No

7. What functional team do you work for in the company (ie: sales, customer service, finance, HR, IT, etc.)