This tab displays all active users who either currently already have an active account or have been invited to activate their account with your Enterprise. Also from this tab, you will be able to select users individually or in bulk to carry out administrative actions. If selecting individually by clicking on the User’s email, a Side menu will appear from the right-hand side of the screen. From this slide in Side menu, you will be able to carry out specific administrative actions.

Within this tab you can see all users who have been sent an email invitation to join your Enterprise. By selecting the checkbox of these users,
you will be able to Uninvite (revoking their ability to activate their account even though the email) or Reinvite the users by sending a second follow-up email.

This refers to users that are a part of your company that ave been disabled by an admin or AD Sync. You can read more about disabled users here.

This tab represents users that have been imported from the AD sync client, but need to be manually approved to join the Enterprise before an email is sent to them for invitation.