LastPass Active Directory Connector

The LastPass Active Directory Connector Client is a windows service that is run locally and can be downloaded from the Admin Dashboard. It connects to your Active Directory to support a variety of provisioning and management processes in LastPass. With this service, you can:

  1. Feed relevant information from your user directory into LastPass.
  2. Sync new user profiles to LastPass for automated provisioning of LastPass user accounts.
  3. Sync disabled or deleted user profiles to LastPass for automated termination of LastPass user accounts.
  4. Create nested groups to manage permissions at the group level.
  5. Sync user groups to LastPass for policy designations, Shared Folders, and SAML application assignments.
  6. Apply filters based on your groups so that only members of the relevant groups sync to LastPass.
  7. Provisioning for a number of cloud-based applications including Google Apps and Add the user in AD, and let LastPass take it from there. No local provisioning necessary.