Our SCIM API for OneLogin can be configured for automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of LastPass accounts for easy, secure administration.

Integrating LastPass with your OneLogin directory offers:

  • Secure configuration and deployment of LastPass
  • Automated provisioning of LastPass user accounts
  • Real-time deprovisioning of LastPass user accounts
  • Assigning LastPass access to groups in OneLogin

Securing every app with LastPass and OneLogin

To ease onboarding and management of LastPass, we’ve partnered with OneLogin to allow automated user provisioning and deprovisioning through a SCIM API. Our OneLogin endpoint can be configured for instant creation of LastPass accounts and real-time revocation when employees leave the organization. IT admins benefit from easy, secure administration of LastPass through their OneLogin directory.

For companies that have implemented OneLogin as a Single Sign-On solution, there are still situations where apps either don’t integrate with SSO or are brought into the workplace without IT’s knowledge.

LastPass provides an out-of-the-box solution to centrally manage all passwords that are being used and shared, whether those services are sanctioned by IT or not.

Businesses invest in LastPass so they can:

  • Address the gap left by the apps and web services that can’t support SSO.
  • Help IT enforce security controls for introduced apps and web services.
  • Facilitate secure password sharing throughout the organization.
  • Solve for the co-management of work and personal credentials.