LastPass Enterprise Manual An easy to understand guide on how to use LastPass Enterprise.

Set-Up – Install Software

Install the Software

Please take a moment to watch a video about our different installation options offered in LastPass Enterprise:

First, Download the LastPass Enterprise Client Software

Then, Choose An Install Option That Best Suits Your Organization's Needs

OPTION A: Manual Installation Using the GUI Install Wizard

  • Double click the downloaded file to open the GUI install wizard and follow the steps.
    LastPass requires administrative rights to be installed. If required, the installer will prompt you for your Administrator's credentials, which you will have to manually enter.

OPTION B: Silent Installation From an Administrative Command Prompt

  • Open an Administrative command prompt and run the LastPass client software as follows:
    For 32bit Windows lastpassfull.exe --userinstallie --userinstallff --userinstallchrome --installforallusers -j "C:\Program Files\LastPass"
    For 64bit Windows lastpass_x64full.exe --userinstallie --userinstallff --userinstallchrome --installforallusers -j "C:\Program Files\LastPass"
    For Mac OS X: sudo installer -pkg lpmacosx.pkg -tgt /
  • The above assumes that the Administrative user has an account on the computer where LastPass is being installed. If this is not the case, such as when installing LastPass into a 'Standard User' Windows Active Directory account, then you must also specify the Standard User's windows username as follows:
    For 32bit Windows lastpassfull.exe --userinstallie --userinstallff --userinstallchrome --installforallusers -j "C:\Program Files\LastPass" --windowsuser="johndoestandarduser"
    For 64bit Windows lastpass_x64full.exe --userinstallie --userinstallff --userinstallchrome --installforallusers -j "C:\Program Files\LastPass" --windowsuser="johndoestandarduser"
    For Mac OS X: Not applicable
  • You can use this option in combination with a login batch file to automate installation.

OPTION C: Install MSI File Using GPO (Group Policy Object)

    • Download the MSI Installer.
    • If you do not want to use our Windows Login Integration to automatically provision and log users in, skip to the final step.
    • If you want to use automatic provisioning, you will need to us Microsoft's Orca to edit the MSI to assign the necessary parameters.
    • Add the following variables under the properties table:
CID generated automatically in LastPass Enterprise Admin console
CHSH generated automatically in LastPass Enterprise Admin console
DL your domain name
WINLOGIN -winlogin
  • Save the MSI and close Orca.  (If you leave Orca open and try to run the MSI, it will fail)
  • Setup a Software Installation via a GPO and specify lastpass.msi as the install package.


All of the above options, will install the LastPass extension into Internet Explorer (Windows only), Firefox and Chrome as well as LastPass for Applications on Windows and the Safari extension on Mac OS X. Click here to show additional installation command line arguments for Windows.