LastPass Enterprise Manual An easy to understand guide on how to use LastPass Enterprise.

Link Personal Account

The Link Personal Account tool now allows LastPass Enterprise users to link their Personal LastPass Accounts with their Enterprise Accounts.  This enables users to access their personal LastPass entries while using their Enterprise Account, all while keeping the two accounts separate.

To set up Linked Personal Accounts  login to LastPass with your Enterprise credentials.  Go to the LastPass Plug-In -> My LastPass Vault, and click on the "Link Personal Account" link on the left-hand actions menu. Follow the prompts.


Once linked, the user's personal account will appear in their Enterprise Account as a separate folder in the account under the personal username/email address.  This personal folder is essentially a Shared Folder between the Enterprise Account and Personal Account, and is subject to the same restrictions and properties that a Shared Folder is limited to.  These restrictions can be read about at the Shared Folders page.

Data can be moved from the Personal Linked Account Folder to the Enterprise Folder, and vice versa. Click here to learn more about migrating data between accounts.