Thanks for choosing LastPass to help your students save time and better secure their digital life. Our toolkit has everything you need to spread the word around campus, educate your community, and help them benefit from secure password management with LastPass.


LastPass Logo (SVG)
All LastPass logo usage variations.

LastPass Logo (PNG)
PNGs of all LastPass logo variations.


Posters and Fliers

Half Page Ad
A short, simple ad that can be handed out to students.

Full Page Ad
A longer, more robust ad that can be handed out to students.

11×17 Inch Poster
A large-scale poster that can be hung around campus.

Instructional Flyer
An introduction flyer detailing how to get LastPass up and running.


Email Resources

HTML Email Template
A coded template of the LastPass standard email.


Social Graphics

Facebook Post Graphics
Graphics for your Facebook posts about LastPass!

Twitter Post Graphics
Graphics for your tweets about LastPass!

Traditional Ads
Ads sized for a variety of displays.